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Our Product

Automated skills extraction
iVCV algorithm automatically extracts skills the candidate mentions having.
First impression analysis
iVCV tool pays attention to what the candidate says, how the candidate acts and talks in order to create a profile.
Emotion and sentiment analysis
We analyze the facial micro-expressions and vocal changes to understand the instant and average emotions of the candidate and analyze what the candidate says.
Customized questions
You have an option to ask candidates any additional questions. Answers can be written as a text or recorded as a video.
Global agreements
Multilingual analysis
We provide multilingual support to our solution. iVCV algorithm can analyze videos recorded in 8 languages.
English Fluency
For the videos recorded in English it is possible to check the fluency of the English language.

Our Values

Customer CommitmentCustomers are our main focus. We care about our clients and develop our business aiming to satisfy their needs.
EthicsWe work with respect to people and use ethical explainable AI technologies. Our product helps in the hiring process and does not make a hiring decision instead of the recruiter.
Security & PrivacyWe know the value of information. We prioritize data security and privacy of the customers above everything.
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Responsibly made in Estonia

Responsibly made in Estonia

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